Blends power and design






One blender - loads of options!

This power-blender has been designed to deliver the best-possible user experience. It offers premium-functionalities such as  time- and speed adjustments, 6 preset programs (nuts, smoothies, juices, potage, sauce, soups), a cleaning program and a pulse function. 

Those functionalities are packed in a clean and minimal design, with only a single "Go!-Button" to start the program.

And our "Big-Wheel" interface allows the user to both select from a range of programs while adjusting the motor's speed at any time. The design is discrete and elegant  - also thanks to the interface that dissapears when not in use.

So finally, here is a kitchen tool blending power and design!

Access the features


When the jar is on the product, the product turns on automatically.

A short press on the central button allows the user to access to the programs and settings.

Select and adjust the settings

In the next step, the user can simply select one of the presets or set up manually his own program by selecting the time and/or the speed and adjusting it by using the wheel.

Blend, blend blend !

The last step consists of starting the program once the settings are done by pressing the middle button. It turns green during the process.

Going straight to essentials


Different prototypes and user-testing led us to a solution which answers all of the customer expectations for a high end blender. Simple and accessible interface, not too many buttons, powerful and good looking for a perfect kitchen companion!

Check out the movie we made with the new Power Blender

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