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Globally more than 600 Million people suffer from chronic respiratory infections such as asthma and COPD. But like many of the solutions provided by today's healthcare systems, pneumological disease treatment is lacking efficiency and effectiveness: providers are unwilling to pay for doctors spending sufficient time to train their patients in correct inhaler-usage. It leads to ineffective inhalation and patients suffering unneccessarily - with millions of Euros spent each year on medication not taken properly.

Visionhealth, a pioneer of digital therapy support for respiratory diseases, has developed an algorithm using the sensors of the smartphone to teach patients how to inhale correctly – without the need for a medical expert on site or remote diagnosis. They approached studiomem with the challenge to further improve useability and adherence of their KATA app. 


Here’s the impact we delivered

1. Power to the patient

Following the insights revealed during our patient-research program, we extended KATA’s proposition from an inhalation trainer to becoming a “Wellbeing Coach”: adding the dimensions “Mood”, “Physical Values” and “Exercise” to the app’s functionality, the new KATA empowers patients with more control and oversight over both their treatment and their wellbeing.

2. Get funding


Presenting the new app prototypes early-on to Visonhealth’s investors helped them attract new partners and sign investment to pass their funding milestones.


3. Get certified

Like many digital health startups, the goal of Visionhealth is that their app certifies as a prescribeable digital solution (DiGA) - analog to conventional medication.

While KATA’s DiGA certificate is still under way, it has received a Class IIa EU-Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certfication.​

4. Get partners

In a bespoke, clinical trials version, Visionhealth provided STERNA Biologicals with a custom platform to test a newly developed Asthma treatment.

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Philipp Kroneberg, C.O.O. Visionhealth GmbH

"At this point, we've worked with quite a few different agencies and recently it struck me what you guys do better than others: synthesis! It’s selectively reducing all of the insights, ideas and concepts to get to the "so what?": a better proposition.


It's the skill I really like about working with you!”

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