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At home, in your home.

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"It makes sense people want to hide their connected products. They are usually cheap looking, full of lights and fall apart from your interior design."

Rudolf Voigt, Partner

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Let’s face it:

We have come to expect that technology is embedded and ubiquitous in today’s homes: it no longer needs self-representation. Actually, most of us believe that it should quietly disappear.


Home connectivity products - like routers, hubs, gateways and modems that give us and our lives access to the internet - commonly spend their existence in dusty corners, behind curtains or on bottom-shelves, in short: well hidden-away from view.

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So,  when Vodafone confronted us with the challenge to come up with a new design strategy for a wide range of such devices, we tried a new approach: we asked ourselves how these devices could become desirable by quietly blending- in  - even disappearing - within a home's interior.

The result is a product family (high-end DSL router, entry level DSL router, IP-TV box, IP camera, audio dongle and home-bridge) that is distinct and own-able. By combining and proportioning basic geometric volumes into a harmonious co-existence with the technology they contain, they blend seamlessly into the contemporary home environment.

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Vodafone Essential Box

The Essential Box is the basic piece of hardware that's included and delivered to a users home after signing up for a new Vodafone boradband contract. It's a distinct and recognizable member of the new Vodafone Fixed Line Design Language The task was to design an ultra low-cost router based on a given technical platform, yet still clearly belonging to the new family. . We are very proud, that so far, it has been awarded with five international design awards for its elegant, distinct appearance.

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Design Language Guideline

We developed a design guideline intended to inform and inspire designers to develop more devices according to the new formal principles: a language that is charismatic, minimalistic and contemporary and can easily be distinguished from competitors.


It is simple, yet ownable - and therefore unmistakably Vodafone.

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