After having created and delivered a Design language for the most diverse range of brands and requirements, we liken this job an investment in trust: 

​The trust you will build with your customers by offering them design consistency down to-the-detail over your entire range of products, over time.

Brand DNA to Design DNA

At the beginning, there is your brand. 

We stress the importance of close collaboration with your brand‘s stewards (CEO, Marketing) to translate brand values into design values. Because we know, that ultimately your design will have the most impact, if it is part of the Big Picture, the overarching story and message of your brand. 

One Design story across all touchpoints

Whether it is your service‘s information architecture that seamlessly flows across all of your physical and digital UX or the UI that naturally mirrors aspects of your products physical design - we‘ll make sure that your users will see a single design story across digital and physical touchpoints.


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