Design research is considered a cornerstone of thorough methodology almost universally today. And where the footwork of observing, empathising and understanding the behaviour of customers and users equals the ingredients -  synthesis is the soup. 


At studiomem, some of our best work has been the result of collaborative synthesis. Giving enough importance to the "So what?" process via cross-disciplinary ideation with a wide stakeholder-base is something we try to build into every project.

Our design research blends qualitative and quantitative data to ensure an understanding of how customers really use your existing services today and what they'd expect from the next iteration or a brand-new generation. And we're convinced that the difference between what users say and what they actually do is a great place to look for innovation.

In brief, studiomem uses the following established tools and methods:


  • Ethnographic Research

  • InHome/On-Site Visits & Observation

  • CoCreation

  • User Diaries/Shadowing

  • Cultural Probes

  • Store/Competitor checks


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