Design Thinking generating multiple touch points for new value

Vodafone challenged us to develop a contemporary Industrial Design Language for smart devices in a connected home (e.g. routers, camera, set-top box, music devices, etc.) and rethink the paradigm of hiding the connected products.

An elegant collection of smart devices that naturally belong into a contemporary interior. The current line up consisting of a high-end DSL router, entry level DSL router, IP-TV box, IP camera, audio dongle and home-bridge. Technology is implicitly ubiquitous in todays homes so it no longer needs to visualize technical capabilities. We believe instead that it should quietly disappear. This product range is designed to be distinct and ownable by combining and proportioning basic geometries into a harmonious co-existince of technology with your home environment.

Kochelseestr. 8-10
81371 Munich

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