Surveillance and privacy in perfect harmony



MEARI, an international technology manufacturer, commissioned us to design a premium video camera to monitor private homes. Our design approach meets three main requirements:

A design born for the home

Many household electronics products look like foreign objects in a residential environment. They are often too technical, undiscerning or too playful. This camera blends harmoniously into a contemporary interior as part of the interior design without drawing unintended attention. Inspired by minimalist geometries, the camera is an abstraction of the externalized volumes found in vintage film projectors. The camera`s shape is quiet and sculptural when not in use, blending into the environment.

Obviously off

Users commonly mistrust technical products and fear being monitored unnoticed by a camera. The design team engineered a camera lens system capable of rotating to the inside of its body when it is offline, ensuring privacy at a glance.

Aggregate tangible value for the brand

Elevating a common product through design allowed better marketing and pricing exploration for the brand.


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