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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

#missionRESPONSIBLE is studiomem's initiative to help design a Circular Economy

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The depletion of global resources, the increasing amounts of waste, and the rise of greenhouse gas emissions are the result of our current linear-based take-make-waste economic models. ​

The underlying promise of the Circular Economy (CE) is to shift todays linear, waste-bound business models to those that have sustainability built-in. CE is ultimately focussed on the goal to sustain Earth as a place inhabitable not only by humans, but by all living species.

#missionResponsible seeks to reward responsible innovation in startups and organisations that want to challenge the status quo of our currently mostly linear, non-renewable economy and infuse circularity into their DNA.

​WE ARE EAGER to collaborate with organisations WHO ARE THINKING AND ACTING responsibly in the way they conceive, develop, design, use and re-use resources that stay in the economy, but out of the environment.

The Opportunity

studiomem is on a mission to build relationships with organisations that incorporate circular- and human-centered design into their organisational cultures and into their business models. The future of our firm depends on those clients who have decided to take a proactive role in building the Circular Economy and the collaborations that result from this effort.

If your organisation is already operating- or starting-up a business that encourages innovation based on sustainable, circular usage patterns, we give you the opportunity to avail our free support and coaching in defining and designing your company's:

  • Future, customer-centric product & service offerings

  • Next generation Value Propositions

  • New product extensions

The Challenge

#missionResponsible calls for companies who are willing to make this exciting shift towards a more Circular Economy. What you need to demonstrate is your company's motivation to accelerate towards circular transformation.

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To participate in this challenge, ask yourself:

Do you see yourself as responsible innovators of the future?

Are you willing to work towards more sustainable, more purposeful and more responsible products and services?

Things are about to start!

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