Adding new emotional benefits to wet-wipes and dish soap.



Pampers baby wipes

P&G asked us to help them explore ways to extend the Pampers baby wipes product range. We developed concepts for new, compelling graphic themes and stories to be applied both in 2D and 3D on the product. Since some of us are parents ourselves, we took pride and delight in the opportunity to turn our ”hands on” experience into compelling results for the very youngest of consumers.

Fairy dish soap

P&G asked us to look for new opportunities for their iconic 1950's Fairy dish soap bottle. A packaging with real cult status in the UK, we proposed to elevate this humble, pure design to a medium for a new level of communication: a living story of bi-annual or quarterly editions, with themes that touch and move the consumer. We proposed to extend this line into a permanent canvas for limited editions. As a result we designed and illustrated different samples of this bottle matching upcoming events or social engagement stories.

studiomem and Procter & Gamble partnered in several projects to rethink conumers interaction with cleaning baby-care supplies. We provided team support in the development of products for two distinct cleaning situations: baby wipes and dish soap.

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