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In 2019 studiomem partnered with the data scientists of Memoratio GmbH, taking innovation consulting to the next level. We now combine business design with data science to reveal and unleash the opportunities that will grow your business. Powered by a best-in-class business design- and big-data-analytics team. Using a proprietary engine with applications designed to comply with the strictest regulations in data privacy.


To those of you, that are eager to deliver the most precise and arguable type of innovation to their organization: put the facts and figures behind your ideas and strategies.

We utilise different types of data in order to help you innovate in these 4 areas:

Use your assets to the max!

Understand the dynamics, the use, the benefits and the problems of your Assets (spaces, machines, cars, planes) to find better ways to optimize, maximize, capitalize on them.



Grasp the market 

Get a holistic view on the competitive landscape, current and future trends, untapped market areas and future growth opportunities.


Be on target with new services, products, features!

We take a deep dive into your product and service data in order to find areas to innovate based on behaviours and patterns of your product, service or feature. 


Find who is the right future customer to innovate with precision!

Using your customer data, we create a precise behavioural segmentation.

For more detailed information on DATA-DRIVEN INNOVATION please contact us.



Pandemics, environmental or social upheavals - is your business ready for the next crisis? Is your organisation ready to operate in an accelerated digital business environment? Are you mastering the use of data and A.I. to identify and build the next growth opportunities? Are your product and service roadmaps prepared for the demands of a new generation of globally aware, critical customers? What is your businesses contribution to social and civil sustainability?


What is your company's vision and purpose?


Wouldn‘t it be nice to have a crystal ball that answers above questions and helps you take sound decisions for your business today? Rather than magic, we offer Visioneering, a methodical, cross-disciplinary data-driven set of tools and processes. It contains trend analysis and -mapping, scenario fore- and backcasting and roadmapping to help you and your teams inspire vision, purpose and to build a place for your business in the future.

Our key methodologies:


studiomem tackles the future by collecting, analysing and dissecting trends from 4 meta-areas: our Natural Environment, Social Demographics, Technology and Business. Depending on the challenge, we curate between 25 and 50 Sub-Trends, that plausibly describe the future of a given market in detail - „Real Estate 2040“ - for example.



Forecasting envisions the future based on the contextsdescribed in Future Trends. Backcasting is the process of roadmapping a sequence of future business models from future back to today. It is a process that is moderated in tight and transparent collaboration with your internal teams and stakeholders.


Using our internal development and design capabilities, we can iterate and prototype your new service or product in a super-agile manner.

For more detailed information on VISIONEERING please contact us.



Where visioneering helps you envision and pinpoint future potential, our Business Design tools will describe this potential in tangible detail. We will help you generate and validate those business models that have been prioritized in the Visioneering phase and make sure they embody future market demand.


The key ingredient of a good business model - and perhaps the hardest to obtain - is the Value Proposition. We can help you create and develop attractive Value Propositions that fit the future paradigms of the Circular Economy and the Responsible Business Code (RBC) of the OECD.


We take your Value Proposition and embed it in a sound Business Model using the Business Model Canvas, where we tangibly detail every one of the 9 key ingredients.


Over the past years, we have seen an increasing demand both from corporates and startups for designing pitches that communicate a business idea with the utmost simplicity and clarity and unlock the very first or the next round of investment. Our own startup foundry is providing us with the necessary startup experience.

For more detailed information on BUSINESS MODEL DESIGN please contact us.



Design research is considered a cornerstone of thorough methodology almost universally today. And where the footwork of observing, empathising and understanding the behaviour of customers and users equals the ingredients -  synthesis is the soup. 


At studiomem, some of our best work has been the result of collaborative synthesis. Giving enough importance to the "So what?" process via cross-disciplinary ideation with a wide stakeholder-base is something we try to build into every project.


Our design research blends qualitative and quantitative data to ensure an understanding of how customers really use your existing services today and what they'd expect from the next iteration or a brand-new generation. And we're convinced that the difference between what users say and what they actually do is a great place to look for innovation.

In brief, studiomem uses the following established tools and methods:


  • Ethnographic Research

  • InHome/On-Site Visits & Observation

  • CoCreation

  • User Diaries/Shadowing

  • Cultural Probes

  • Store/Competitor checks

Contact us for a more detailed description of our RESEARCH PROCESS.


The next generation of products and services need refocussing UX on as little as interaction as possible.

Less IS more, after all.

Essential UX 


As users are starting to feel the effects of having their attention kidnapped by too many services and brands are feeling the backlash of seeing engagement decrease, how do we design with more sustainable behaviour in mind? Moving forward, understanding how, when and - most importantly - why we should implement a new way of doing something is key.

As creators of physical and digital experiences, we summarize our design ambition with the word "Essentialism". It stands for:

  • making the most out of as few interactions as possible

  • designing with - and for less -  not because it's hip, but because is more respectful to the user

  • aiming to fix technology that is not working: from user research that can help us understand genuine needs to usability improvements that will build a more relevant and respectful experience

Device-agnostic UX


studiomem has its roots in industrial design but  over time, we've become experts in creating seamless flows of interaction between physical and digital experiences, regardless which type of screen or device it is happening on. Our device-agnostic UX creates continuous user flows that pass through physical or virtual touchpoints  - be it a smartphone, a wearable, a tablet, or a smart speaker  - without any friction.

Inclusive UX

For a small studio, studiomem is remarkably diverse. Our team of 10 includes men and women covering 3 ethnicities from 5 different countries ( India, Canada, France, Germany, China). We believe  that diversity is the best way to ensure cultural inclusiveness in our designs and prevent a gap opening between who we are and who we are designing for.

Contact us, for more detailed information on USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN.



After having created and delivered a Design language for the most diverse range of brands and requirements, we liken this job an investment in trust: 

​The trust you will build with your customers by offering them design consistency down to-the-detail over your entire range of products, over time.

Brand DNA to Design DNA

At the beginning, there is your brand. 

We stress the importance of close collaboration with your brand‘s stewards (CEO, Marketing) to translate brand values into design values. Because we know, that ultimately your design will have the most impact, if it is part of the Big Picture, the overarching story and message of your brand. 

One Design story across all touchpoints

Whether it is your service‘s information architecture that seamlessly flows across all of your physical and digital UX or the UI that naturally mirrors aspects of your products physical design - we‘ll make sure that your users will see a single design story across digital and physical touchpoints.

Contact us, for more detailed information on creating a DESIGN LANGUAGE.

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