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Kitchen interior design







Entry level kitchen design with higher ambition


Kitchen furniture can be categorized into those with integrated handles (usually part of a drawer or a door, which is more expensive) and those with add-on handles (less expensive and more flexible). The entry level range represents around 1/3rd of SieMatic's overall sales.

When we set out to design the all new SieMatic SC10 and SC20, our ambition was focused on creating the elegant, spacious atmospheres usually found at much higher price points. To achieve this, we adapted the layouts of more expensive kitchens and and implemented a range of super-realistic, laminated wood reproductions that combine the depth of real wood with the ruggedness and lower cost of laminate.

Additionally, we helped SieMatic develop a new range of add-on handles for its entry-level catalog. Our goal was to bring the same fresh look & feel to the entire bottom-range while increasing variety and flexibility.

The final handle is a 2-piece design with a layer of laminated melamine accurately color-matched to almost any kitchen-front in SieMatic's catalog.

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