The next generation of products and services need refocussing UX on as little as interaction as possible.

Less IS more, after all.

Essential UX 


As users are starting to feel the effects of having their attention kidnapped by too many services and brands are feeling the backlash of seeing engagement decrease, how do we design with more sustainable behaviour in mind? Moving forward, understanding how, when and - most importantly - why we should implement a new way of doing something is key.

As creators of physical and digital experiences, we summarize our design ambition with the word "Essentialism". It stands for:

  • making the most out of as few interactions as possible

  • designing with - and for less -  not because it's hip, but because is more respectful to the user

  • aiming to fix technology that is not working: from user research that can help us understand genuine needs to usability improvements that will build a more relevant and respectful experience

Device-agnostic UX


studiomem has its roots in industrial design but  over time, we've become experts in creating seamless flows of interaction between physical and digital experiences, regardless which type of screen or device it is happening on. Our device-agnostic UX creates continuous user flows that pass through physical or virtual touchpoints  - be it a smartphone, a wearable, a tablet, or a smart speaker  - without any friction.

Inclusive UX

For a small studio, studiomem is remarkably diverse. Our team of 10 includes men and women covering 3 ethnicities from 5 different countries ( India, Canada, France, Germany, China). We believe  that diversity is the best way to ensure cultural inclusiveness in our designs and prevent a gap opening between who we are and who we are designing for.


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