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Vodafone entrusted studiomem to develop a family of illustrations to describe the features offered by the upcoming Vodafone 2018 smartphone devices.


As the main challenge, the illustrations had to be part of the current Vodafone design language, while fully integrating with Google’s Android interface design. Two complete distinct identities with their own color, style and theme.

Silver Awards

Digital Design &

Illustration Categories 

A human-centered approach for technology

Our lives are permeated by smartphone technology in every step of the day.  Turning off the alarm in the morning, driving to work, recording events or sharing a laugh with friends, we are constantly connected and ready to share these precious moments.

Considering how impactful smartphones are in our lives, we wanted to draw a parallel of daily human-centered situations with useful smartphone features. Furthermore, we analized Vodafone’s target market to understand how to best represent these situations, placing ourselves in their client’s shoes.

The illustrations, celebrating every features for different devices, would be primarily applied for a point-of-sale home screen widget with expanding capabilities to be integrated into on-boarding screens and marketing material.

Pulling the common strings in two design languages

Analyzing Vodafone’s visual identity with the Android System made us realize there were three shared fundamental aspects we would have to combine for perfectly synchronize both interfaces:

    - Flat design
    - Simple color accents
    - Background/foreground distinction

The final concept combines the story behind smartphone technology in our daily lives, while drawing attention to the foreground illustration using Vodafone’s color scheme. All of it integrated into Android System through flat design and gray tone backgrounds.

Monochrome background with opacity variations to give 'out of the frame' context to the illustration.

A subtle drop shadow detaches the main character from the background.

Flat figure/action happening on the foreground.

+ Accurate use of Vodafone colors palette to match the brand identity.

A brand new family into one singular universe 

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