Smart 6 Design Language: the foundations for a bright future



studiomem has been supporting Vodafone since the very early days of phone making. The positioning of Vodafone hardware has always been “price”, which meant that we had to learn to make the absolute best of the lowest-cost technologies and components available in the market.

A faster fast-follower

With the 5th generation of smartphones now entering the market, Vodafone is experiencing real consumer-pull. Not only have shipments been increasing steadily over the last years, but the overall volume of smart phones sold is prompting the telecom giant to look at its hardware business with an appetite for more.

Product design

Much of the work of mobile phone designers in recent years has been focused on hiding actual product thickness and overall volume. This cut-throat business has now reached a level where differences measuring 1/10th of a millimeter will make or break a design. In the case of Vodafone’s Industrial Design Language, we tackled the extra mm’s by hiding them within visual layers. For the 2015 range, we stepped and detached the battery cover from the main body in a way that it breaks up the product's volume and reduces it - without visually falling apart. The tapered side-key design adds signature-character to the second read of the Smart 6 family.


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