+++ SuperWifi Design wins if 2019 and RedDot 2019 awards! +++


Vodafone's new “Super WiFi” repeater is the smart and easy way to connect and mesh all of your wireless devices in the home. It is also the latest incarnation of the design language studiomem created for the world's largest telecoms provider. It pushes a contemporary sentiment, that demands technology to blend in with- or, even dissappear from the surrounding environment: instead of techno-aesthetics it offers quiet confidence. Better even, Vodafone's Fixed Line family is a successful example of designed-to-look-good while designed-to-cost.

Monolithic Minimalistic

The clean, geometric design lives from its refined details. Functional elements like venting, drafts and split lines are solved smart and unobtrusively, preserving the monolithic look of the design.


The metal logo builds the highlight on the housing and nice contrast to the matte, dark finish.

Design the Full Package

In our cooperation with Vodafone we did not stop at product design. We created all graphics on the product, the packaging, instructions and safety information, from the cradle to the ready to be sold product.

Our Work in Progress

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