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Our point of view on the Wearables category

The age of the smartphone has also become the age of distracted man. Research shows that intense smartphone users are already unlearning key skills of interpersonal conversation. Digital devices we constantly pay so much attention to are obstacles to attentive listening, a key element in human communication.


The growing category of smart watches will amplify this trend. What we have seen so far are products which cram a lot of smartphone‘s functions into a formfactor originally designed for just a single one: displaying the time at a glance. What consumers find useful is different. And at the same time less distracting.

Useful functions chosen like the dress for the evening

studiomem has examined the typologies of wearables as well as the needs and use cases that give them meaning. Three concepts are the result for more usefulness and less distraction:  


ELM is a modular smart watch: You may choose to wear the calendar module during the day and exchange it for the banking module when you go out at night – just like choosing the pendants for a bracelet.   


NOMAD is a watch for urban navigation: A simple, illuminated dot shows you the way to the bakery your friends recommended.


RINGRING discreetly conceals its function in a piece of jewelry: it is a panic button with a GSM tracker.



To learn more about our latest concepts for wearables, do not hesitate to contact us!

ELM - modular smart watch

NOMAD - urban navigation watch

RINGRING - panic button / GSM tracker

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