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Innovation Labs

Do you have a specific problem to solve or are you looking to bring inspiration and know-how to your team? Innovation labs are design thinking formats which enrich your organisation's innovation capabilities by bringing in experts and methodology.

Innovation Labs are formats which tackle specific business innovation challenges via in-house conferences, design sprints or maker labs.

Whether your R&D team needs a human centered boost, your marketing team inspiration for the next generation or you want to build inside knowledge on a specific topic, we have a suitable format ready. 

What are Innovation Labs?



Cross Pollination for Innovation

Most challenges today are too big for a single discipline to solve. We believe in the power of cross-functional collaboration and cross-pollination to tackle the problems of today and tomorrow. We moderate internal and external experts and generalists to face innovation and product development challenges.

To come up with creative new solutions, diverse people with a a range of knowledge,need to collaborate. Our innovation lab formats deliver this fuel through keynotes, coaching

sessions, workshops or design-sprints. They inspire, motivate and enable teams to collaborate and innovate together. Our customers have told us that the insight, tools and methodologies used and taught have changed their culture and the way they innovate.

Contact us to find out how we can support your team's innovation efforts, tackle a specific problem or inspire and enrich your organisation with outside expert knowledge.
  • empower your team with state of the art knowledge and methodology through keynotes and workshops delivered by domain experts

  • bring diverse disciplines together to inspire and learn from each other

  • motivate your team through learning and exposure to new and relevant topics



3-4 weeks

In-House Conference

Foster organisational learning and cross-pollination to charge your innovation efforts.


  • actionable concepts, scenarios, prototypes to a given problem

  • solutions taking into account input from all attending disciplines (typically marketing, r&d, design, product management,..)



3-4 weeks

Maker Lab

Ideate, iterate, prototype to solve complex problems collaboratively and fast.


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