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Venture Builder 

Generate, prototype, test and validate new business models outside of your organisation to de-risk and accelerate your growth. 

What is a Venture Builder?

Our venture builder program allows organisations to co-build start-ups outside of their organisation, utilising all of our product and service development capabilities.


We deliver the entire scope from idea generation through prototyping, validation, 

staffing and go-to-market launch to deliver a running vehicle to our partners.



Co-build ventures and take off

As a Venture Builder we will build the next growth platform for your business - launched-in-market with strong potential and ready to scale. De-risk corporate venturing, get agile and build your future with our network of innovation masters. 

At studiomem, we are proud of having applied our skills and passion to the widest range of innovation challenges. We build ventures within our fields of excellence: the Smart Home, Telecommunications and Healthcare. Our venture portfolio consists of pharma management platform, Data and Diagnostics start-up ncover, business-health as-a-service company and our data-driven venture builder

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