Pandemics, environmental or social upheavals - is your business ready for the next crisis? Is your organisation ready to operate in an accelerated digital business environment? Are you mastering the use of data and A.I. to identify and build the next growth opportunities? Are your product and service roadmaps prepared for the demands of a new generation of globally aware, critical customers? What is your businesses contribution to social and environmental sustainability?

What is your company's vision

and purpose?

studiomem offers Visioneering, a methodical, cross-disciplinary data-driven set of tools and processes to set your organisation on track for a sustainable future:

1.trend analysis: creating future context

2.scenario fore- and backcasting: building vision and purpose

3. roadmapping and prototyping: creating new business


Visioneering is an approach that will help you and your teams inspire vision and purpose while securing a place for your business in the future.


COVID 19 has shown humanity how vulnerable our globalised economy is. And the future is unlikely to get less disruptive. Likewise, your business survival increasingly depends on the ability of your everyone in your organisations to navigate disruptions. Visioneering - in essence -is survival- and resilience-training for your organisation: a structured, agile approach of getting acquainted with “The Future”. It delivers into the following needs of your organisation:


- uncovers and roadmaps future opportunities of growth

- establishing products- & services-roadmaps that are future-focussed

- projects and prototypes future customer behaviour and solutions

- builds resilience against market disruption

- mitigates investment risk 

- roadmaps how to develop and train your staff

- expand your teams vision to escape incrementalism

Key Methodologies:


studiomem tackles the future by collecting, analysing and dissecting trends from 4 meta-areas: our Natural Environment, Social Demographics, Technology and Business. Depending on the challenge, we curate between 25 and 50 Sub-Trends, that plausibly describe the far-away future of a given market in detail - „Real Estate 2040“ - for example.



Forecasting envisions the future based on the context described in Future Trends. Backcasting is the process of roadmapping a sequence of business models from the future back to today. Together they form a powerful process of making the future tangible for your business. It is a process that is moderated in tight collaboration with your internal teams and stakeholders.


Using our internal design & development capabilities, our extended network of trusted development partners and your organisation's internal resources, we can prototype, validate and iterate almost any new service or product in an agile manner.


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