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Anticipate disruption

Expand your horizons

Determine what's next

Roadmap your future.

What is Visioneering? Building strategic business foresight by forecasting & backcasting.

Visioneering is a foresight development methodology to build a business model roadmap into the future and to define an innovation strategy. It utilises what we know and assume about the future NOW, to forecast as far as plausible ahead to THEN, in order to plan what's NEXT. 


Rather than thinking in incremental, evolutionary development cycles, this innovation methodology anticipates disruptive and exponential change to lift the next generation to a higher level of innovation.



Using foresight to future-proof your business with a relevant roadmap

Future-proof businesses will have to balance enabling technologies (like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Robotics, etc.) with serving future relevant purpose: to build sustainable business models.

A business model today should take into account how global ESG* trends will shape its mid- to longterm survival. With Visioneering, we support your organisation to understand how to prepare an innovation roadmap which leads into that future.

Around the world, startups, established businesses and governments alike have embarked on their journey to build a circular economy, with the environment and society as key stakeholders. A trend that has been summarised with the acronym ESG: Environment, Society and Governance.


Digitalisation will serve both as a catalyst and enabler of a globally circular economy: AI, quantum computing and cryptotechnologies will ultimately be instrumental for achieving a carbon-free future and keeping both our planet and the civilisations on it alive.

*Environment, Society, Governance


It is a methodical, cross-disciplinary set of strategic innovation tools and processes that set your organisation on track for a sustainable future by


  • finding future purpose and relevance  for your organisation

  • uncovering and roadmapping future opportunities

  • establishing a future focussed innovation strategy 

Are you preparing your business for survival?
Read our article on the Future of Business:

The Formats we offer


Visioneering® s/m/l

  • 3 weeks to 6 months, depending on package size

  • collaborative format including workshops moderated by us - on site or remotely

  • 3 package sizes to chose from, depending on need 


Visioneering builds a future-proof innovation strategy and culture for your organisation, a future-proof culture builds future proof business.

Beyond that, there are 4 key outcomes:


1.  a common understanding of future context

2. a future-proof vision and purpose

3. new, future proof business models

4. a roadmap into the future

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