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News: MCBW might be over but we are just getting started!

On Monday, March 11th, studiomem happily celebrated its 10th birthday. In parallel, we hosted the launch of our new start up foundry Memoratio.

studiomem and memoratio memories of the future
Memories of the future

Part of the MCBW

It was an immense pleasure to be a part of the MCBW - Munich Creative Business Week. We not only celebrated a decade of designing memorable products and services but - with plenty of excitement - introduced our new start-up foundry ‘Memoratio’ - a collaboration between studiomem and Panoratio, the data analytics specialist.

Memoratio is focused on building successful ventures, by fusing the power of big data, artificial intelligence and human-centered design to deliver intuitive usability and purposeful innovation to businesses and people.

MCBW hosted by studiomem and Memoratio
MCBW hosted by studiomem and Memoratio

Based on a powerful analytics engine provided by Panoratio, Memoratio conceives, builds and scales meaningful data-driven ventures. It is a combination that will provide businesses the ability to obtain made-to-measure data analytics tools designed for maximum value delivery and intuitive usability.

Presentation stations for Memoratio ventures
Presentation of Memoratio Ventures

Memoratio collaboratively engages with multiple stakeholders. With venture-building, we build our startups and support them through seed funding at early development stages. For corporations we support them through the launch of new qualified and fitting ventures, with venture-building as a service. Also, we co-build by investing in tech and market development cost for building first MVPs from business opportunities brought to us by entrepreneurs and founders we believe in.

Our 4 ventures

The event had a display of 4 ventures as a result of the partnership to show the scope of what data and design together can offer.


Grant your health a vacation. Gaaia is an AI supported travel planning platform for people with health situations, hence making travelling with health conditions predictable and safe.

pharmaceutical management Platform tendero
Take the pain out of bidding


Take the pain out of bidding. Tendero makes pharmaceutical bidding simple by automating preparation, release and evaluation cost over time.


sciodata logo
Business health as a service


Business health as a service. Sciodata believes that a healthy data hub is the starting point of any big discovery. It helps companies understand and remediate the health of their data to manage challenges and discover opportunities.


Panoramind Logo
Turning risk into opportunity


Turning risk into opportunity. Panoramind delivers a dashboard for IT risk, combining audit and risk management solutions, targeting both businesses and technology audiences.

To know more about Memoratio, follow this link:

Our founders Anne Schloesser, Rudolf Voigt, Laurence Malroux together with our funding manager Gladys Priso presented the potential of this partnership. The rest of the night went into networking and discussions.

We hope that you've kept some good MEMORIES OF THE FUTURE !

Thank you for celebrating with us - see you next time!

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