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4 learnings from designing for "NetZero"

To help achieve "Net Zero" living, design should focus on making interaction with energy consumption data easy and transparent.

studiomem is an innovation and design company.

From innovating and designing your future business to implementing it: we collaborate with decision makers and coach teams to help build your organisation's place in a sustainable future. We are user-centered and future-focussed transformation consultants. We create businesses, products and experiences.


We support organizations to build a future based on knowledge, creativity and foresight. With our clients, we deliver relevant, new business models, and launch transformative digital ventures.

Are you defining your organization's future?


We build human centric brands, products and services using design thinking to put the customer at the center. We design, test, iterate and co-create to deliver relevant digital and physical design.

Are you building your next-generation offer?

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We are a team of innovators, design thinkers, data analysts and business strategists. We are human-centered creatives and digital business builders. We are globally networked and work on the future of business as a service or as a venture partner. We partner with entrepreneurs, start-ups and large corporates.

In our Business Design Formats we offer different tools for innovation:

  • Visioneering to develop future vision and purpose, and to create a future-positive corporate culture

  • our Open Labs are flexible, knowledge-packed, creativity boosters and solution provider formats for development teams 


  • our Venture Builder Program offers full venture building capabilities, from value proposition to market launch.  

Using our Experience Design Capabilities we can deliver end-to-end:

  • Service Design, where we define the service touchpoint of a business,

  • Digital (UX/UI) Design, covering all digital touchpoints (web- and app design and development) 

  • Industrial Design, shaping the products people will love,

  • Graphics and Packaging Design, getting everything ready to ship.


During the last twelve years we have won numerous international innovation and design awards as well as patents for our clients, and are managing our own venture portfolio. Whether we coach, consult or connect you, we are collaborators focussed on the future of your business.


As an innovation and full service product development company, we work along the entire value chain of innovation: from the very fuzzy front end to the commercial launch of products, services and new ventures. 


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Get your organisation ready to face the future. Our Visioneering methodology brings a common understanding of the future context to your organization, creating a future-ready culture.

What is Visioneering?                             Building Innovation Strategy by Forecasting & Backcasting

What is Visioneering? Building Innovation Strategy by Forecasting & Backcasting

Visioneering utilises what we know and assume about the future NOW, to think as far as plausible ahead to THEN, in order to plan what's NEXT. 


Rather than thinking in horizontal, incremental development cycles, this methodology uses a vertical approach to lift the next generation to a higher level of innovation.



studiomem venture lab business builder

Venture Builder

Generate, prototype, test and validate new business models outside of your organisation to de-risk and accelerate your growth.

Our venture launchpad format allows organisations to co-build start-ups outside of their organisation, utilising all of our product and service development capabilities.


We deliver the entire scope from idea generation through prototyping, validation, 

staffing and go-to-market launch to deliver a running vehicle to our partners.

What is a Venture Builder?



studiomem innovation labs design thinking

Innovation Labs

Do you have a specific problem to solve or are you looking to bring inspiration and know-how to your team? Innovation labs are design thinking formats which enrich your organisation's innovation capabilities by bringing in experts and methodology.

Innovation Labs are formats which tackle specific business challenges via in-house conferences, design sprints or maker labs.

Whether your R&D team needs a human centered boost, your marketing team inspiration for the next generation or you want to build inside knowledge on a specific topic, we have a suitable format ready. 

What are Innovation Labs?




studiomem has an over 12-year history innovating and designing for global consumer and medtech brands.

We are focussing our partnerships to businesses and brands that are committed to operating responsibly and are following the best-practices of responsible business conduct (RBC) and the Circular Economy.

As future-oriented design thinkers and doers, we are extending our thinking and doing to the entire value chain of responsible services- and product- development, doing our part in creating social and environmental improvement.

We are setting out to help businesses become relevant for a concerned and globally connected customer who wants to be part of a sustainable society.


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