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In DACH countries, PARI Boy is synonymous for inhalation therapy, a treatment option for a wide range of respiratory diseases, including chronic illnesses such as asthma and COPD.

The range of PARI boy inhalation systems, all of which include a compressor and a nebuliser, are suitable for use both at home as well as in a professional setting.

Our Process

During in-home and in-context observations, as well as guerilla studies, we learned about the needs and pain points of the users.

Our main findings were

  • the need to design the device in a way that it could be intuitively handled, even by small children

  • that the appearance should be clean, friendly, rather than

  • that it should fit into the home, as well as into a professional environment

  • that there should be better ways to manage cables and tubes

With these findings, we went into ideation workshops and design and prototyping phases.

The Challenge

Wanting to renew their icon of inhalation therapy, PARI asked us to develop a new and iconic design story for multiple products of the PARI compressor family, for both, home and professional settings, as well as different regions.

There were extraordinary constraints on cost, therefore there was a need to develop a strategy to reuse as many parts of the assembly for all products, as well as to keep the overall number of parts and complexitiy of manufacturing at a low level. At the same time maximum differentiation for product range options had to be possible.


We achieved

A family-friendly, contemporary design family that can live in a home setting while being also suitable for professional settings.


A comfortable handle that also manages the power cable and hose when not in use and makes for better, easier storage.


A platform approach which unifies the design and cuts cost and complexity on parts and assembly.


A minimum amount of parts, while still enabling to provide handles for all devices.


A brand building design language and color and material concept.


Designed for ...

.. medical professionals

... and for children.

Maximum differentiation

at minimum cost

  • Common base plate for all products

  • Individual face plate with connections for variants

  • Different top housings for value and premium variants

  • Color Strategy to further differentiate products

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