Ultra rugged mobile phone design





Design for the world's toughest, most reliable smart phone


US-based Sonim Technologies is renowned for their professional-spec rugged mobile phones. 

They approached studiomem for the design of their next generation flagship.

The result is the world's most reliable, ultra-rugged smartphone. It is built to provide those who serve, rescue and work in challenging environments with dependable communication. It survives the most hazardous conditions.

Sonim XP8 is, quite simply, the toughest, most reliable Band 14/FirstNet enabled smartphone one can carry.

"Designed to be operated while wearing gloves and to make communication easy and error-free."

Industrial Design: out of "the coffin"


The "coffin" footprint ( design-speak for a rectangle with cut-off corners) is perhaps the most used and abused design theme in the rugged phone market. 


We removed these corners and designed the XP8 to look confident while showing a more serious & professional appeal. Despite its considerable mass, the surfacing details we applied make the XP8 look as slim as possible. We evolved the previous generation XP7 iconic "shark fin" antenna and "waist line" and replaced the equally ubiquitous black & orange colour-combo with more stealthy shades of grey, to help police and security forces remain unseen as long as possible.


Rugged Style: Enjoy easy, fumble-free keys

Large, tactile and intuitive PTT, SOS and volume buttons and controls are designed to be operated while wearing gloves and make communication easy and error-free. 

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