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Transforming corporate culture

Commissioned as interim Head of Group Design by the Group Marketing Director and the CEO, studiomem led an initiative aimed at strengthening and growing the role of design and innovation at Vaillant Group that would extend globally across its 8 brands. We were asked to ensure that the design group’s re-organisation would create maximum benefit for each of the brands and the business as a whole, while creating a culture that attracts top design talent to work at Vaillant‘s headquarters in Remscheid, Germany.

studiomem came in and transformed our design capabilities step-by-step, without sacrificing any speed or quality in the work. We now have a design capability that is helping transform Vaillant's culture by being more customer-centric and future-oriented than ever.

Tanja Brinks, Group Director Marketing, Vaillant Group

A vision with a simple visual

A simple visual model summarized our goal and helped us communicate the value created by a future Vaillant Group Design to the board of management: extending the design team's reach from the implicit role of delivering „Look & Feel“, to becoming an stakeholder and active partner in the strategic innovation functions within Vaillant. It helped to determine new processes that would include and rely on the design functions in the early front-end of development. With methods such as design research, co-creation, agile prototyping and much cross-functional workshopping, we helped save Vaillant time and money by understanding which products to develop and which ones to deprioritize.

Creating tools to rely on

A key project studiomem delivered was the Vaillant Group Design Guide, which now helps define and differentiate their multi-brand architecture. This tool enables different stakeholders within and outside of the organization to keep physical and digital design on-brand.

I was very much attracted by the job description that you developed for my function at Vaillant Group. It‘s actually the reason why I am working here today.

Tim Richter, Head of Group Design, Vaillant Group

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