Intuitive home climate control




Since we've entered the era of smart, connected homes, mobile technology is opening up entirely new paradigms of interaction with home climate systems.

In reality however, most heating and climate systems are controlled or programmed by professional installers or engineers: many users and homeowners are overwhelmed by the task of understanding and interacting with the complex functionalities of their system.


Vaillant asked studiomem to define and develop what a new, intuitive and elegant controlling app would look like and how it would work in order to replace a number of their existing stand-alone hardware. To develop an app that would answer the needs of its users, we started with and focused on the behaviour of targeted homeowners.

We analyzed different daily and weekly routines of homeowners, as well as the exceptions (e.g. spontaneous absences/vacations/specific events) to create a basis for programming climate schedules. 


The final result is called multiMATIC, a new home comfort control-app based on the profiles paradigm we developed and tested.

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