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Design for a customised user experience


Vodafone asked us to design their customised user experience providing intelligent, innovative safety and usability features. We designed a complete ecosystem of features,  that help Vodafone customers get the most out of their smartphones, while empowering them based on their needs and experience level. 


These features expand the usability of Android devices for families, with 

- Parental Restrictions allowing parents to help their children explore and enjoy their smartphone even more safely and securely

Help Tips for new users, highlighting useful features and functions during the first few days and weeks of usage.

Emergency Mode to give peace of mind by quickly contacting friends or family - or professional support, in case of an emergency. 

- Lock Screen functions such as simple, Grouped Notifications

- a Mute Switch, so users can quickly prioritise important information and moments of their daily routines.

All of them seamlessly merged into the Android OS to provide a complete user experience, and with accompanying explanatory animations inside the wizard.  

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UX and UI Design for smart phone features
UX and UI Design for smart phone features
UX and UI Design for smart phone features
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