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Mobile Phone Packaging Design




Packaging Design: Completely novel, completely recyclable


The new, eco-friendly Vodafone packaging represents a radical departure from previous packaging generations. It is made from over 80% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. We could have hidden this fact, but instead we chose to show it off: The common brown cardboard is a clear statement of the packaging’s minimized ecological impact. The company logo and colors wrap around the boxes in a unique, contemporary style and provide a clear Vodafone identity as well as a strong staging of the product inside.

We are proud of the two awards we received for this innovative packaging: The jury of the Red Dot praised its high design quality, “expressing aesthetics, innovation and precision in an exemplary manner” and the German Designer Club (DDC) awarded the packaging for good design with a bronze award.

Premium Packaging Design Extension


For Vodafone’s premium devices we evolved the first edition of eco-friendly packaging into a more minimalistic look. We printed a line drawing of the product in fine copper metallic on grey cardboard to achieve a more premium yet eco-friendly esthetic.

packaging design for vodafone by studiomem
packaging design for vodafone by studiomem
packaging design award for studiomem
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