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Mobile Phone Design







The next generation design language for Vodafone's mobile phones

2016 represented another big step for Vodafone devices as they commissioned us to more-than-ever push the quality boundaries of their products. And again, the results redefine the idea of “value” at this price point. Building on the DNA of the Smart 6 Family, we pushed sophistication one step further by balancing subtle details all around the device. Side keys now offer a more dominant, jewel-like treatment and a more intentional tactile experience. 


Smart 7 is Vodafone's 6th generation of smartphones and the 2016 collection of smartphone design  is building on the success of its predecessors and enjoying continued consumer demand.


"Vodafone Smart Platinum 7, Power and elegance without the price tag"



"Vodafone's Smart Prime 7 is perfect for selfie fiends on a budget"

mobile phone industrial design

"The Vodafone Smart prime 7 is ideal for those who want quick and easy access to their social media channels, emails or apps. It's also the perfect choice for selfie addicts who'll love the enhanced 5MP front facing camera, equipped with a two-finger shutter trigger for even better and sharper selfies."

Vodafone Press Release

Industrial and CMF Design for Mobile Phones

Designed and developed in close collaboration with Vodafone Group Design, all of the Smart 7 devices share a strong design DNA with clever details, subtle textures and graphic patterns. Every phone differentiates itself from the other. Each device showcases a unique identity to the customer, whether they are seeking perfomance, fashion, unique styling or a first smartphone experience

mobile phone industrial design
mobile phone industrial design
smart phone industrial design
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