More time for breakfast



Time for breakfast is usually very limited. On weekday mornings, even for the most minimal breakfast a lot of time is wasted setting the table and commuting back & forth between fridge, kitchen and the breakfast table. "More time for breakfast" is the proposition that inspired our "Downtown Breakfast Set".

The idea

A tray containing a compact, pad-based coffeemaker, milk-foamer and single-slice toaster, that can be taken to the breakfast table in one go - or moved anywhere else within the house. A lithium-ion battery located in the tray and a gas cartridge heating the water in the coffeemaker enable wireless mobility. As much fresh coffee, foamed milk and freshly toasted bread, as you want - without having to get up again and interrupt precious breakfast time.

The result

This concept, which was initially an exercise of our capabilities of observation, drew interest from a number of coffee appliance manufacturers. It is currently under development.

The insight

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