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Design Thinking for Coffee






Value Proposition Design: A barista for your home

​Aside from marketing a wide range of coffee and hot-beverage products, Melitta also develops and sells a complete line of domestic and professional coffee makers and accessories. Looking to replace its entire Caffeo product line, Melitta asked  studiomem to design the range of 3 machines, and also to help them develop a new Caffeo value proposition.

industrial design for small kitchen appliance coffee maker

Wanted: A new, unique proposition

To ensure a maximum of innovative options for this highly competitive market, we lead the team through a collaborative design thinking process from front-end insights, scoping and innovation workshops all the way to detailed design concepts. We researched and described the respective target groups, discovered unmet needs and helped Melitta define and validate corresponding feature sets for their new product portfolio.

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design thinking workshop for melitta
interface prototype
design mock up
design thinking for small appliance coffee maker

From design thinking to innovation opportunities


Our design research process revealed an increased customer need for individualisation: coffee-drinkers told us that they expected a way to fine-tune each cup of coffee more carefully with the next generation of machines. Bringing-forward high-end brewing parameters such as acidity, brewing-temperature and coarseness of the ground coffee in a very intuitive and accessible manner was our design solution to this need. Our Caffeo marketing claim "The Barista for your Home" was also derived from these insights and summed up the product-promise.

Brand Look and Feel: Professional Vintage

Finally, we created a brand relevant design look & feel deeply rooted in Melitta's core-values of "Coffee-Expertise and Trustworthiness" and designed a portfolio of 3 machines. Our approach was based on the insight that the Melitta brand is being perceived as ‘warm and approachable’; therefore, in our design language, we developed a professional vintage appeal.  

corporate design language
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