There is no luxury dishwasher...

When Gaggenau came to us to create a visionary concept for a luxury dishwasher, we started our design thinking process with in-home user observations in luxury homes. During these in home observations we realised, that the duty of filling and emptying the dishwasher is a task far from being recognised as 'luxurious', With selected users, we tested and co-created what a 'more luxurious' dishwasher experience could be like.  The final vision concept included a lifting basket, to avoid bending over and a number of accommodating basket features, which resulted in two patents, one for our lifting basket mechanism, the other for a folding receptacle for plates, which allowed also to accommodate larger or odd shaped items.

Patent for a lifting lower dishwasher basket mechanism

Patent for a flexible dish receptacle

Design thinking: In-home research, co-creation, prototyping

During our in-home observations we discovered a number of needs and pain points people would encounter, and work-arounds they were using to deal with these. We brought our insights into a cross-functional design thinking workshop and brainstormed ideas and solutions. The most promising ideas were later tested with the same users in co-creation sessions, bringing even more valuable feedback and refinement.

As a result, Gaggenau was able to better understand the implications and investments needed to develop a Series 400 dishwasher, and way the pro's and cons. Since Gaggenau is part of the Bosch Hausgeräte Group, the developed patents and ideas will be utilised across the Bosch Hausgeräte dishwasher platforms.

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Gaggenau co-creation studiomem